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Tan by Lucy Lane is a versatile, easy to use, affordable range of Spray Tanning Solutions.

 14K5372We have kept the range concise, with just four Spray Tan Solutions available, yet the range is so versatile to enable you, the Professional Spray Tanner, to mix the Solutions to tailor and custom tan your clients with great success and only needing three Solutions to perfectly tan every single client you tan. Our Tasty Tan Dessert Menu incorporating our famous chocolate tans is our customised mixed Tan Dessert Solution Menu enabling you to create the perfect tan each and every time for your clients for every occasion and tan depth they desire. Tan by Lucy Lane 2 Hour Spray Tanning Solutions, the best and only choice in natural, chocolate coloured tans with exceptional durability. You will achieve over 30 Spray Tans (average body size and height) out of each Tan by Lucy Lane 1 litre Solution. 

Our full line of 2 hour Spray Tanning Solutions are designed to give your customers the perfect, natural and tailored tan they desire. With these solutions your clients can wash off any residue just 2 hours after their tanning session, or 1 hour for half development times. They will enjoy the convenience of being able to cleanse their bodies so quickly as well as watch the most natural looking tan develop quickly. Like all of our products, our 2 hour Spray Tan solutions are suitable for all skin types and colours, are odourless, are quick drying and never leave your clients feeling sticky. Our odourless formula will keep your clients coming back again and again without leaving them with that obvious spray tan smell and colour. Your clients will never be unhappy with an orange tan again using Tan by Lucy Lane which is guaranteed to produce a deep, rich, natural looking chocolate coloured tan every single time they visit you.

Some of the benefits of the Tan by Lucy Lane Spray Tanning Solutions include:

  • Anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties that are present in our Eco Cert DHA Solutions 
  • Moisturising abilities from our aloe vera extracts
  • Australian owned products and brand
  • Organic Tans ensuring no client reactions and natural tan development from client to client
  • Fast Tan dry time, no sticky, obvious residue
  • Excellent Tan durability and longevity
  • Chocolate coloured tans meaning no risk of yellow/gold/orange tans
  • Green based solutions to suit all skin colourings. The idea behind the choosing a green based product is that on the colour wheel, green is at the opposite end of the spectrum therefore it should counteract throwing orange tones
  • Concentrated high grade Eco Cert organic DHA so you save product as Tan by Lucy Lane only requires a light, even spray as application to achieve the perfect tan

Tan by Lucy Lane Dessert Menu

All our Tans reach perfect depth colour if left on the skin for 2 hours but they can be left for 1 hour if your client is in a rush or only wants half depth of tan colour. 


Espresso Blast 12% (perfect for Wedding Tans)

The most popular Tan Solution, creates a deep, dark, natural tan. Perfect for a very natural, light tan on fair skins.

Sweet Ganache 14% (perfect for summer, beach weather)

The perfect Tan for those clients who want an extra dark, deep, rich tan. 

Cacao Riche 14.8% (perfect for cheerleaders, dancers and competition tanning)

Cacao Riche is the answer to super dark Tanning and ideal for clients who desire a dark organic tan.

TanKini 14.8% (perfect for cheerleaders, dancers and competition tanning)

 TanKini is the answer to super dark Tanning and ideal for clients who desire the darkest organic Tan avaialble. TanKini is iur darkest solution on the market. 

Custom Tan Dessert Mixes:

Our Custom Mixes are perfect for those clients who don't fit into the standard 3 Solution Colours and also for varied desired Tan outcomes and results. 


Cinnamon Blast

Mix half the Cinnamon Swirl with half the Espresso Blast for a deep, medium, chocolate tan.

Espresso Ganache

Mix half the Espresso Shot with half the Sweet Ganache for a deep, dark, chocolate tan.

Sweet Cacao

Mix half the Sweet Ganache with half the Cacao Riche for a super dark chocolate Tan.

You must only mix the same brand solutions as different ingredients and bases in different brands will cause problems. Clients love the idea of you custom blending a tan just for their skin type/tone. We have 4 straight solutions in stock and blend them if need be according to each client's needs and expected outcomes. We never promise a specific finished tan colour but offer recommendations based on my experience with similar tanning situations. I don't find that the blending makes a huge difference but it’s useful at times. And there's the "special for me" mentality which sells tans.

Firstly, all solutions have different amounts of bronzers in them, some say bronzing, some say double bronzer, etc. Also the heavier you spray the client the darker they will be because you're applying more bronzing agent; however, the tan they develop will not be as dark as the bronzer you have applied so heavier spraying is really just wasting product. They will only develop to whatever percentage you apply on them. In a double dip you can apply the same percentage solution on 2 different days and yes they will develop a darker tan than if you sprayed them just one time with that solution but again, I find this a bit unnecessary.

From a strictly chemistry point of view, if you were to mix 15ml of 12% tan with 15ml of 14% tan you will reach in the middle of about 13%. Having the ability to mix tans is really useful for clients who don’t fit a specific solution and it makes them feel a bit special. Mixing tans can be uselful also with times left on the skin that the client will tell you. One of our first questions to a client is “how long are you intending on leaving the tan on before showering” as that will lead me to not make them too light or dark as our Tans work from 1-8 hours. Having said that, being organic, they will work with the client’s natural skin/melanin so you can’t really muck it up. A basic rule of thumb is:

The maths for mixing is (ALWAYS in equal amounts):

Here's basic rule of thumb for mixing solutions:
The maths for mixing is (ALWAYS in equal amounts) 10% +12 % = 22% ... 22 / 2 = new 11% so 10 +12 = 22 ...22 / 2 = 11% So if the 2 solutions you have are the same brand and you mixed them in EQUAL amounts you would get a 11% solution.

You can also do 1/3 mixes quite effectively and the same rule of thumb applies.