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Tan Guide

 14K5294Tan by Lucy Lane is a versatile, easy to use, affordable range of Spray Tanning Solutions.

We have kept the range concise yet versatile to enable you, the Professional Spray Tanner, to mix the Solutions to tailor and custom Spray Tan your clients with great success and only needing three Solutions to tan perfectly every single client you tan. We have also kept budgets in mind when designing our Tan Range and by only needing four Solutions to execute your skills perfectly each and every time, you don't have excess stock of tans on hand which also ensures good turn over and constant fresh stock being applied to your clients. You will achieve 28 Spray Tans (average body size and height) out of each Tan by Lucy Lane 1 litre Solution. We are professional Spray Tanners and a Salon just like you who deal with clients exactly like you do so we know what you and the clients want. We listen, we create, we share with you and we all succeed.