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Grab a great TBLL tan deal from our Specials aisle and enjoy the benefits of a great sunless faux glow.

Most people are turning to fake tanning to avoid the negative effects of baking in the sun, one of those being an increased risk of skin cancer and a second one being the sun is the biggest cause of ageing to the skin.

The Positives of a Fake Tan

 14K5338There are many benefits to getting a Spray Tan. A really important one is decreasing the risk of skin cancer associated with traditional sun tanning. This of course means that you’re applying broad-spectrum sunscreen before you step foot outside and taking refuge in the shade if necessary. The other positive to Spray Tans is that they are instant and reasonable priced. No need for baking outside in the sun for hours on end or waiting for your sticky self-tanning lotion to dry. As well, you can adjust how light or dark you want to go by spray tanning more or less frequently and to different colour depths.

Finally, another important positive of Spray Tanning (or sunless tanning) as opposed to baking for real is that your skin retains its youthful appearance for much longer. No one wants to look like a piece of dried leather when they are fifty so, like we always say, stop while you are ahead! Spray It Don’t Bake It for many health and vanity reasons!