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Tan by Lucy Lane 2 Hour Spray Tanning Solutions

Our full line of 2 hour spray tanning solutions are designed to give your customers the perfect, natural and tailored tan they desire.

 14K5363With these solutions your clients can wash off any residue just 2 hours after their tanning session, or 1 hour for half development times. They will enjoy the convenience of being able to cleanse their bodies so quickly as well as watch the most natural looking tan develop quickly. Like all of our products, our 2 hour spray tan solutions are suitable for all skin types and colours, are odorless, are quick drying and never leave your clients feeling sticky. Our odourless formula will keep them coming back again and again without leaving you with that obvious spray tan smell and colour. Your clients will never be unhappy with an orange tan again using Tan by Lucy Lane which is guaranteed to produce a deep, rich, natural looking chocolate coloured tan every single time they visit you.

Some of the benefits of the Tan by Lucy Lane Spray Tanning Solutions include: 

  • Moisturising abilities from our aloe vera extracts
  • Australian owned products
  • Organic Tans ensuring no client reactions and natural tan development from client to client
  • Fast Tan dry time, no sticky, obvious residue
  • Excellent Tan durability and longevity
  • Chocolate coloured tans meaning no risk of yellow/gold/orange tans
  • Green based solutions to suit all skin colourings. The idea behind the choosing a green based product is that on the colour wheel, green is at the opposite end of the spectrum therefore it should counteract throwing orange tones.