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Wholesale TBLL Products

tan-by-lucy-laneAs a new upcoming, progressive Tan provider of spray tanning solutions and products in Australia, Tan by Lucy Lane is pleased to offer wholesale Spray Tanning products to our Salon, Spa, Home Based and Mobile clients. We invite you to choose from a variety of wholesale products that are available to you to make your Tanning business succeed and grow. Buying these products at a wholesale rate will save you money and allow your supply to keep up with the demands of your business at the best possible prices for a superior range and brand.

You will achieve 28 Spray Tans (average body size and height) out of each Tan by Lucy Lane 1 litre Solution.

All of our wholesale products for Spray Tanning are backed by Tan by Lucy Lane's quality guarantee and will help you provide your clients with the Spray Tans they've always wanted. Save money and easily order online with us for fast, efficient service and delivery when you buy wholesale from Tan by Lucy Lane.

Tan by Lucy Lane provide discerning professional Spray Tanners unrivalled Tanning products to offer their clients the very best in both Spray Tanning and manually applied tans.

You can also be assured in knowing that Tan by Lucy Lane will always lead the way in Self Tanning technology and training.

If you would like to join the ranks of the best Self Tanning Salons using Tan by Lucy Lane, then please do get in touch.