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There's such piece of mind in knowing what you're putting on your skin is organic! I was really happy with my Tan by Lucy Lane - it was odour free and faded evenly.

Liz Cantor

I tried Tan by Lucy Lane for the first time and thought I couldn’t get a better tan than the tans I had be using. Well, I was very wrong. Tan by Lucy Lane is the most amazing spray tan I have tried and it had no odour, was touch dry on my skin in 5 minutes and as I had the tan in a hurry then had to go to work, I popped my jeans, boots and socks straight on and there was not one rub mark. Unbeleivable! I must say the chocolate colour of the tan was amazing as I’m used to yellow/golden tans and the fact that it faded so naturally with no patches or wear marks was a great surprise to me. My husband enjoyed the no odour fact as did I, no clashes with my perfume and moisturisers. I really enjoyed my Tan by Lucy Lane for about 12 days and I already have my next tan booked. I can not recommend this product enough.

Linda P

As a fair skinned person I've always looked for a tan that would take the stark whiteness out of my skin and thought I had succeeded with other brands. That is until I had a Sweet Ganache by Lucy Lane Spray Tan! 

Helene from Lucy Lane always thinks outside of the box and wanted to push the parameters of the tan and my yellow based fair skin was the perfect choice for said boundaries to see how dark I could go. While I trust Helene implicitly I'll admit to being dubious, but the results were amazing!! I not only achieved my ultimate goal of removing the stark 'pasty' whiteness from my skin I also had an incredibly natural looking glowing tan that worked with the melanin in my own skin tone to create the colour I would naturally tan to (and used to in the olden days of primary school before I knew better).

The tan was so natural looking I had to point it out to my friends and show them the tan line in the middle of winter!!! Amazing!! The tan has lasted over 2 weeks and faded beautifully and I'll be really sad when it does finally fade and will be booking in for another. I'm a Sweet Ganache by Lucy Lane tanaholic now and proud of it! I can't recommend it highly enough - it needs to be tried to be believed!

Rachel C

Tan by Lucy Lane is fantastic, I got it done for the first time last week and I was so happy with it. It didn’t smell and wasn’t sticky when I had it on, to the point that I forgot I even had it on!!! I washed it off after 2 hours and then went to bed, at that stage it was a very light coverage of colour but you could already see it had a lovely warm tone. In the morning it had developed into a gorgeous brown that looked natural and  healthy!

I will definitely be getting another, and another, and another, and another!


As someone who loves to be tan all the time, I have tried & tested most spray tan products on the market. I have been lucky enough to test the new Lucy Lane tan & I was very impressed! This tan is completely scent free & applied to my skin smoothly & evenly. The formula dried very quickly & was comfortable to wear for the next two hours. I prefer a medium to dark tan & the Lucy Lane tan was a beautiful deep colour on my skin the next morning. I received lots of compliments from friends & even my boyfriend appreciated my golden glow. The tan was applied on Tuesday & after a long weekend away, I still felt as though I had some extra colour on my skin, despite several sweaty gym sessions. The formula was long lasting & wore evenly without leaving me looking all patchy. Highly recommend!!

Mellie S

I tried out the Lucy Lane Espresso Blast tan, love it is an understatement! I am fussy with my tans and this one blew my expectations out of the water! The tan dried so fast, no seatbelt marking left from the drive home and no horrid tan smell! It left the most beautiful natural colour and it lasted just shy of 2 weeks! Will be recommending this new tan to everyone and can't wait to get my tan on again!

Kirsty S

Tan by Lucy Lane is amazing! I've been getting spray tans for a while now and normally after a couple of days I start to go orange and the tan becomes patchy.  I tried Tan by Lucy Lane on Saturday.  Its now been 6 days and still looks fantastic! No patchiness, no orange feet or hands and it looks natural. I will definitely be using this product from now on, I love it!